WEST – Advanced modelling features
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Urban water

WEST – Advanced modelling features

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Time commitment: Four modules, approximately two hours per module. Expected eight hours in total.


Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) modelling is essential for scientists and practitioners who want to explore design alternatives, optimise plant operations to improve performance and reduce costs, and implement control strategies. WWTP modelling is an ideal learning tool that may be used by plant operators to investigate the complex process dynamics and interactions that characterise a modern WWTP.

This course will enable you to take the next step in wastewater process modelling by exploring the power of advanced controllers, model calibration and scenario analysis in WEST. You will be guided through a typical workflow in WEST for improving a basic activated sludge process layout by assessing the impact of advanced aeration control, calibrating the model against measured data and optimising effluent quality and energy consumption.

WEST is a sophisticated modelling and simulation tool for wastewater process and integrated urban water systems. Unique and powerful features of WEST include: (i) the ability to implement control models of unlimited complexity; (ii) the possibility of defining custom objectives as performance indicators; (iii) advanced experiment types, e.g. scenario and uncertainty analysis.

Are you a wastewater process modeller? Do you know the basic features of WEST and wish to explore modelling in WEST beyond the basics? Do you have knowledge of basic terminology for wastewater process engineering and activated sludge modelling principles? Would you like to explore some of the powerful key features of WEST that may help you improve the performance of your treatment facilities? If yes, you will benefit from this free, self-paced course.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to critically assess your process layouts, improve the predictive capability of the model by closely matching with measured data, test options for implementing control strategies and optimise effluent quality and operational costs.

Each module includes videos and other materials you will need for training and quizzes. It will take you around eight hours to complete the course at a time that fits your needs and requirements – from the comfort of your own office, home or any convenient location.

Module 1 - Change model instance: ASM1 to ASM2
Reviewing the influent model (fractionation)

Module 2 - Incorporate control models
Implementing ammonia-based aeration control; calculating SRT, energy and cost; defining objective functions

Module 3 - Calibrate model against measured MLSS data set
Estimating relevant parameter values

Module 4 - Evaluate multiple combinations of controller settings
Identifying optimal settings based on multiple criteria (effluent quality, energy consumption)


Enrico Remigi, PhD, is a wastewater process modeller at DHI, responsible for model implementation and technical support. Enrico is a member of the WEST development team and has extensive experience in WEST modelling projects and training.
Enrico Remigi is an authorised DHI trainer
MSc, Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and IFA-Tulln, Austria;
PhD, Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano;
PostDoc, University of kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


Fabio Polesel, PhD, is a wastewater engineer working at DHI’s urban water department in Denmark. Fabio has comprehensive experience in process modelling of biological wastewater treatment systems. His tasks at DHI include wastewater modelling projects, technical support and training in the WEST software.
Fabio Polesel is an authorised DHI trainer
MSc, Environmental Engineering, Universitá degli Studi di Padova, Italy;
PhD and PostDoc, Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU).


• Reliable internet connection of sufficient bandwidth
• If you already have an active WEST license, please use it to follow this course. Participants without a valid and active license of WEST are requested to contact fapo@dhigroup.com to obtain a 30-days’ evaluation license

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Enrico Remigi – eure@dhigroup.com
Fabio Polesel – fapo@dhigroup.com

Participants are encouraged to post their questions in the course forum ‘Discussions’ as explained in Module 1.

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Course content

  • Lesson Module 1: Introduction / Change of model instance
    • Access to WEST license
    • Welcome to the course
    • WEST 2024 Installation Guide
    • DHI Internet License User Guide 2024
    • Change of model instance
    • Summary of exercise 1