MIKE 21 Flow Model FM – Getting started with 2D hydrodynamic modelling
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MIKE 21 Flow Model FM – Getting started with 2D hydrodynamic modelling


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Time commitment - approximately four hours in total, divided as follows:

  • Self-study: three modules, combining online video lectures, demonstration videos, quizzes, hands-on exercises and reading materials. Approximately four hours in total is needed for you to get the maximum out of the course
  • (Optional) Additional reading materials are made available for you to master the software at a greater depth



Flow modelling is a key tool in water engineering and can be applied to many different systems – from large oceans to small rivers or channels. Flow models are often used independently to determine water levels or current speeds, for instance for use as input to the design of structures. Very often, flow models are used as input for other models, such as wave models or sediment transport models.

This course will teach you the basic functions of MIKE 21 Flow Model FM as well as relevant tools in the MIKE Zero software package that will allow you to view and present your model results.

About MIKE 21 Flow Model FM

The MIKE 21 Flow Model FM is a comprehensive modelling system for two-dimensional water modelling. MIKE 21 Flow Model FM has been developed for complex applications within oceanographic, coastal and estuarine environments but may also be applied for studies of inland surface waters, e.g. overland flooding and lakes or reservoirs.


Do you have a basic knowledge of hydraulics including open-channel flows, for example? Are you interested in getting a kick-start in flow modelling? Do you want to find out how easy it is to work with the MIKE 21 Flow Model FM? Do you want to get ideas on setting up a MIKE 21 Flow Model FM for your application? If yes, you will benefit from this free, self-paced course.


Upon completion of the course, you will be able to set up and run a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model using MIKE 21 Flow Model FM. You will know how to apply forcing such as wind or boundary conditions, change physical parameters such as bed roughness and viscosity, as well as generate and evaluate model outputs. You have been enabled to continue comfortably on our MIKE 3 Flow Model FM course.


Each module includes videos, materials and handouts that you need for model examples and quizzes. It will take you around four hours to complete the course at a time that fits your needs and requirements - and in the comfort of your own office, home or any location convenient for you.


  • Module 1 – Wind forces on a lake
    Basic model setup, application of wind and generation of output
  • Module 2 – Flow in a channel
    Application of boundary conditions, change of parameters
  • Module 3 – Hydrodynamic model of a strait
    Applying realistic wind and boundary conditions, model calibration


Asger Bendix Hansen, DHI Denmark

PhD, Coastal Engineering, Technical University of Denmark


Asger is a coastal modelling expert based in Hørsholm, Denmark. He normally works on consultancy projects around the world applying the MIKE 21 Flow Model FM and other MIKE models to solve challenges within coastal engineering. Additionally, Asger teaches a course in numerical modelling for marine and coastal engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.

Asger is an authorised DHI trainer in modelling for marine and coastal engineering.


  • Reliable internet connection of sufficient bandwidth
  • Access to MIKE 21 Flow Model FM installed. DHI demo version is sufficient for the material covered in this course.


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Asger Bendix Hansen - abh@dhigroup.com


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