MIKE Zero – Data processing and visualisation
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MIKE Software

MIKE Zero – Data processing and visualisation


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Time commitment - approximately three hours in total, divided as follows:

  • Self-study: two modules, combining videos, quizzes, materials, and handouts. Approximately three hours in total is needed for you to get the maximum out of the course
  • (Optional) Additional reading materials are made available for you to master the software at a greater depth



The MIKE suite of models are powerful tools for understanding and solving many water challenges. To make them work, you need data. The data you have for your project, however, may be compiled in many different formats. So how do you get your data into MIKE? 

In this course, you will review the data types used by MIKE models and learn how to format your data to be ready to use for modelling. We will cover types of data, unit systems and file formats. In addition, we will discuss tools built into the MIKE software for importing and transforming data to be model ready.

About MIKE Zero

MIKE Zero is the common name of DHI's Windows-integrated graphical user interface for setting up simulations, pre- and post-processing analysis, presentation and visualisation within a project-oriented environment. 


Are you an inland, urban or marine modeller? Are you interested in learning the skills necessary to input and extract data in the MIKE suite of software?  If yes, you will benefit from this free, self-paced course.


Upon completion of the course, you will be able to format time series data in a form that MIKE recognises and select appropriate time series attributes such as time type, value type, item type, and item-unit. You will be able to import time series data into MIKE native formats and understand the basics of spatial data, projection, and coordinate systems. Finally, you will be able to convert spatial data into a form understandable by MIKE and import converted spatial data into MIKE grid (dfs2) files. 


Each module includes videos, materials, and handouts that you need for model examples and assignments. It will take you around three hours to complete the course at a time that fits your needs and requirements - and from the comfort of your own office, home or any location convenient for you.


Module 1 - Data Types -Time Series

Module 2 - Data Types -Spatial Data


Arnold Engelmann, DHI USA

MA, Geography, Ohio State University


A senior engineer and software developer based in DHI US, Arnold is a GIS specialist with more than 24 years of experience as a GIS analyst and programmer. His experience includes developing customised user interfaces, GIS tools and decision support systems in direct consultation with clients. He has been the lead programmer for DHI’s MIKE OPERATIONS GIS Manager and has worked on several other DHI software packages, including as principal GUI programmer for the MIKE HYDRO Basin model. In addition, Arnold has profound training experience in GIS, programming, and automation. In addition, he is knowledgable in remote sensing and image interpretation in environmental applications and has a good understanding of processes in hydrology, water quality, geology and geomorphology.

Arnold is an authorised DHI trainer in data processing, programming, and GIS.


  • Reliable internet connection of sufficient bandwidth
  • MIKE Zero installed on your laptop or computer. DHI demo version is sufficient for the material covered in this course.



Arnold Engelmann - ahe@dhigroup.com

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Course content

  • Lesson Module 0 - Introduction
    • How to set the high quality of videos and switch on subtitles
    • Video: Introduction to the course
    • How to download and install MIKE Software