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Getting started with stormwater modelling using WaterNet Advisor for SWMM


Fee: No charge*

Time commitment - approximately one hour including:
• Self-study: Five modules which combine video lectures and demonstration model

• (Optional) Additional reading material is available to help you master WaterNet Advisor.  Please contact the presenter (contact details below).


WaterNet Advisor CS SWMM

Want to view clear and easy to understand SWMM model results anytime, anywhere? Take this one-hour self-paced course for step-by-step instructions on how to access your SWMM models online using WaterNet Advisor CS SWMM. Learn how to import an EPA SWMM file into the application, run hydraulic simulations and view and share the results from a desktop, phone or tablet using this one-of-a kind application.

First, we’ll walk you through how to create a new project in WaterNet Advisor and import an EPA SWMM file. Next, you’ll then see how to create a new scenario, edit the data and increase the rainfall intensity. Then we’ll run the hydraulic simulation and compare the results with the base simulation. To conclude, you’ll get a peek at some additional features including bookmarks and flow tracing as well as learn how to add shape files and calibration data, modify the settings and access the online user guide for further support.

About WaterNet Advisor

WaterNet Advisor is a Cloud application designed to improve efficiency in the day-to-day operations, management and reporting of both water distribution and collection system networks by providing easy, web-based access to hydraulic conditions. It’s compatible with any EPANET, SWMM or MIKE+ model including water distribution, stormwater and collection systems plus, no special expertise is required. 


Are you a consultant, engineer, or a utility operator who works with stormwater and collection systems?  Do you want to see how easy it can be to gain control of these hydraulic networks even in the field?? If yes, check out this free, self-paced course.


Upon completion of the course, you will be able to start using WaterNet Advisor CS SWMM to access your SWMM models online.


Each of the five modules includes a video illustrating the steps to complete a specific assignment. It will take you around one hour to complete the entire course at a time and location that best fits your needs.


Module 0 - Course introduction

Module 1 - Create a new project
Register SWMM model file and create a new project

Module 2 - Hydraulic simulation
Run hydraulic simulation and browse results

Module 3 - Model editing
Edit model data

Module 4 – Scenario modeling - High intensity rain
Create a new scenario and comparison plots

Module 5 – Miscellaneous 
Preview additional features, learn how to modify settings and access the user guide


MSc, Hydraulic Engineering, Delft, The Netherlands;
Ing. CTU Prague, Czech Republic


Petr Ingeduld is a senior project manager and hydraulic engineer with over 20 years of professional experience. Throughout his career, Petr has focused on the development and application of hydraulic models to support water supply and distribution; he has managed projects in many countries around the world and provided technical direction and troubleshooting on modelling efforts. He has published over 100 research or professional papers.

Petr Ingeduld is an authorised DHI trainer. 


  • Reliable internet connection of sufficient bandwidth
  • If you already have login details to WaterNet Advisor, please use them here https://waternet.dhigroup.com and follow your course with your own credentials. 
  • Participants without login details to WaterNet Advisor are asked to contact Petr Ingeduld - pi@dhigroup.com (by clicking on this address new e-mail will be created) to obtain a 30-days’ license of WaterNet Advisor installed.


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Petr Ingeduld - pi@dhigroup.com 

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INVESTMENT Fee: No charge* Time commitment - approximately one hour including: • Self-study: Five modules which combine video lectures and demonstration model • (Optional) Additional reading material is available to help you master WaterNet Adviso...

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Course content

  • Lesson Module 0 - Introduction
    • Access to WaterNet Advisor
    • How to set the high quality of videos
    • Video: Introduction to the course
    • Video: Introduction to WaterNet Advisor for Stormwater Systems
    • Download: demonstration model